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  • Do I Need to Show Proof of Vaccination to Attend a Class/Session?
    Proof of vaccination is currently not required but preferred in light of the uncertainty with Covid-19. If needed, upon entering the facility you will be asked to show proof of vaccination or exemption. To accommodate and service all members, Vita offers backyard or virtual sessions to non-vaccinated members. These terms may be updated to reflect New York State and City Covid-19 polices and guidelines.
  • What happens if I feel Covid related symptoms or I had exposure before my appointed visit?
    If you have been exposed or show symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, please request to reschedule, cancel or attend virtually if offered.
  • Does Vita have cleaning policies?
    Yes! Vita follows a strick cleaning protocol by sanitizing & cleaning studio space, bathroom, equipments and workout tools daily and throughout the day.
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