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From a complicated fibroid surgery to losing 41 lbs. : My weight loss journey at VITA.

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

"I am in the best shape I have been in about 15 years..."

The diagnosis was not good…I had to have what would be my second fibroid surgery, and, the doctor informed me, that as I was a decade older than when I had the first one, the recovery could be even harder. Fibroid surgery, officially known as a myomectomy, is the third most painful surgery a human being can have with a long 6-8week recovery. My doctor mentioned that losing weight and becoming stronger would help my recovery so I jumped into action, determined that this surgery would be a turning point in my health and wellness journey.

My Recovery

I began working outdoors at the height of the pandemic and met Terrence, who was training a friend in Von King Park. Three months ahead of my surgery, I became focused and got into gear. I changed my diet, removed processed foods, low carbs, and low sugar, and began working out with Terrence a few times a week. Before my surgery, I lost 21Ibs. My surgery was complicated, it lasted 7.5 hours, and I had to have three blood transfusions and was on morphine for 4 days. The recovery was really hard but each day I got stronger and knew that the weight loss and strength training I did before the surgery helped me tremendously.

New dress size, new me!

Now, 6 months after my surgery, I have lost an additional 20 lbs making it a total weight loss of 41 lbs in 10 months. All naturally by working out and a change in diet. I am in the best shape I have been in about 15 years, and, have dropped 2 dress sizes. Last month I ran 11.9 miles, an achievement I never thought possible.

Terrence and the Vita-Wellness community have been pivotal to my success. There were times I would cry during my sessions…overwhelmed with nerves and fear before I had the surgery, and overwhelmed with gratitude after the surgery because I was amazed that I could do an exercise and was so happy that I was healing.

I still have a long way to go. I want to lose another 40Ibs, but I am confident that I have the best support system to help me do it with Terrence at the helm.

By Claudine Moore, VITA Member

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