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How to Lose that Stubborn Pandemic Weight: Be inspired by Laura's journey & try Vita's 7 Tips.

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

"So exciting that all my goals are now a reality, and I believe that small habits have a great impact!" -Member Highlight Laura S.

Are you still struggling to lose your pandemic weight? If so, all hope is not lost. This reading should inspire you, and hopefully, with the tips at the end, you will be able to get on track to a healthy lifestyle. The truth is that there is no 5 step recipe to losing weight, and there is no one size fits all. It takes consistency, learning your body type, resting, hydrating, and the list goes on. Take, for example, our super-star client Laura, who made a self-commitment to her goal of losing her pandemic weight and, in the end, accomplished more than that.

Laura joined the VITA Community in 2021 after regaining all the weight she lost during her at-home workouts and diet change. After learning her body type, effectively changing her diet, committing to personal training sessions, and more, Laura has reached beyond her Fitness goals. According to Laura, from 160lbs to 120lbs two years later, "I feel better than ever. And I am running a half marathon in April! So exciting that all my goals are now a reality, and I believe that small habits have a great impact. Mostly, I now know that sometimes taking one step back is the best move forward. Giving up is not an option."

Laura did not get to her fitness goals overnight but with commitment and small change of habits, she was able to see her desired results. Speaking of small habits, it is also important to reward the little steps that get you along the way. You can start those little steps by following these tips to get you on track to a healthy lifestyle.

Tip #1 -Set a SMART Goal

The key to starting is having a clear, reachable goal and mindset. So, imagine your body feeling the best and looking perfectly shaped to your desire; then, create goals that will help you achieve the results you envisioned. S.M.A.R.T means specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Using the Smart goal template to create your goals can help you structure your goals effectively and help you understand your goals thoroughly.

Tip #2 - Plan Ahead

After creating a SMART Goal, the next step is to plan long-term steps and short-term steps. An example of a short-term step is getting ready for tomorrow's workout by setting all your clothes out the night before. On the other hand, a long-term step is planning your workout program for the entire week with the help of an expert. Planning your short-term and long-term steps can help you effectively achieve your desired goals.

Tip #3 - Take Action

The Action step is the most important part of getting your desired results. Whether you're taking action on a small or big scale, be sure that you are accomplishing results. Your actions, in the beginning, may feel uncomfortable or unrecognizable towards your goals, but the understanding that "repetition is the mother of skill" is the driving force behind long-term results. Focus your action daily on becoming better, stronger, lighter, and happier.

Tip #4 - Award Yourself for Small & Big Wins

Your goals, plans, and actions will get you started, but awards or accomplishments will keep you going. The journey toward weight loss is long and sometimes difficult, especially when you take your favorite food out of the equation like bread or cold beer. This is why we have to allow ourselves to have small gratifications. Give yourself a small gratifying award such as a juice, smoothie, massage, or simply a checkmark on your planning calendar. The road to winning the war is to take small wins along the battlefield. So next time you feel a little unmotivated, stop and think about what you love doing, then attach the workout/good habit as a reward for completion.

Tip #5 - Get Support

The journey to your weight loss goal will have great moments of achievement. Feel free to share those moments with others who care for you, so they can share in your wonderful experience. This will give you a supportive team of people cheering you on. More importantly, you will have an accountability partner to encourage you to stay on track. So share the wins when they come and be comfortable asking for help as well. Sign up for a free consult session with VITA if you want support from an expert. (Sign up)

Tip #6- Create a Bigger Goal

The best part about achieving smaller goals is creating and achieving bigger goals. Accomplishing your goals is exciting and makes you want to create a new set of goals to help you keep the motivation going. The best method to staying consistent is to have bigger, better, and higher goals to reach for as you grow.

Tip #7- Fall in Love with You

The most important tip we tell all our members here at VITA is to remember to show love to yourself. Always give yourself love and appreciation as you work towards your goal. Learn to fall in love with who you are today, and as you achieve your goals along the way, you will love yourself more & more each day.

In the end, it comes down to that action many are afraid of, "Commitment." Commit to joining a few Classes, getting a Personal Trainer, or at least try every day to work out for as little as 15 minutes. Create small good habits and celebrate small wins. Remember Laura's journey, her consistency, and how excited she is now with her results. If needed, ask for support from friends & family and invite them to your workout sessions. Having someone there to hold you accountable will certainly help you to remain on track. Lastly, take care of yourself, hydrate, rest, and make conscious eating habits.

By Vita Wellness Center

Story highlight: Laura, Creative Director of @mikunafoods


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